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  • Manafest joins M7 Agency!
  • Frank Stallone joins M7 Agency!
  • M7 Agency is happy to welcome Erik Rogers as a Senior Agent! With 15 years on the road touring as a Tour Manager and FOH Engineer with many artists (Apocalyptica, Scott Stapp, Ed Kowalczyk, Saving Abel, Avenged Sevenfold, Dustin Lynch and more) Erik has a special relationship with promoters and vendors that most agents don’t. He’s been there… He’s seen the best and worst of what the concert industry can be. Erik uses his seasoned intuition and commercial sensibility with artists to develop strategic plans from start to finish and turn artistic ideas into profitability.
  • Andy Wood joins M7 Agency
  • Black Tide joins the family!
  • Shallowside joins M7 Agency!
  • Era 9 joins M7 Agency!
  • Emperors and Elephants, and Incite join M7 Agency!
  • Smile Empty Soul an Sean Danielson join M7 Agency!
  • Blameshift joins M7 Agency
  • December in Red and Everybody Panic! join the M7 Agency!
  • Gears joins the M7 Agency!
  •  Cage 9 joins the M7 Agency
  • Lillian Axe and iExist join the M7 Agency.

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M7 Agency – The booking agency that actually cares.

M7 is not a 9 to 5 booking agency. Our agents don’t just take care of bands between certain hours. We pride ourselves on choosing quality bands and ensuring that we are available to them at any time for any situation. We focus on individualized attention to the bands’ specific needs while maintaining a realistic and goal-oriented timeline to help our artists grow. Our goal is to take the perception of what a booking agent is and change it into what we think a booking agent should be – loyal, compassionate, hard-working, dedicated and in love with music.